Winter Hacks for You — and Your Volkswagen

Stay prepared in cold-weather season.

You’ve been relying on your trusty parka and slipped on your boots more times than you can count. But it’s never too early (or too late) in the cold-weather driving season1 to refresh your winter-driving reminders. Here’s how you can be prepared.

Maintain a winter-ready interior . . .

There will be plenty of trekking through rain, ice, slush, and snow, which means you’re likely to carry outside dirt into your VW every time you start the engine. Even if you’re making quick trips around town, consider using the MuddyBuddy® floor liners and MuddyBuddy® Trunk Liner,2 which help protect your interior and trunk from snow, slush, mud, and everyday spills.

. . . and exterior

Low tire pressure or worn out tires can make your VW more difficult to drive during colder days. Check your Volkswagen owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle and consider installing splashguards2 on the front and back to help protect your Volkswagen model.

Fill up if needed

Be sure to refill windshield washer fluid and keep your gas tank at least half full to be prepared for unexpected travel delays during the coldest days of year.

Adjust your driving habits

No matter where you live or what kind of winter you’re in the middle of, colder months require different approaches to safe driving. For instance, when you drive on slippery roads, you should increase your following distance between vehicles to 8–10 seconds so you have more time to brake.

Pack for emergencies

Going on a road trip, either across town or several hours away? Experts recommend stocking up on bottled water, granola bars, and other non-perishable snacks. Consider stocking the SmartFlare, which can be used as a flare, headlight, or lantern in unlit areas, in your glove box. You should also pack backup batteries and charging cables for your phone as well as extra clothing.

Store essentials in the trunk

Some roadside emergencies are an easy fix, especially if you come prepared. Start with a VW Roadside Assistance Kit, filled with most of the basics you’ll need — from a whistle and pliers to work gloves and a waterproof poncho.

Know what to do

If you are stranded with no sign of help, know what to do: Stay in your car. Contact emergency services, if you can, and stay warm.