Why Volkswagen SUVs are a great companion for winter driving

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Winter is here, and you want a vehicle that can help you weather a storm. Enter the 2020 Atlas and Tiguan. These SUVs carry a variety of passengers and help you navigate changing road conditions with confidence. Check out the features that make Volkswagen SUVs a great companion for your winter adventures.

Heated seats and steering wheel: It’s not always practical to drive in gloves, and with an available heated steering wheel, you can ditch them faster. Another way to warm up before the heater kicks in is heated seats – and not just for the front row. The available second-row heated seats can also be warmed up on the Atlas, so your fellow passengers can also be toasty. Heated front seats and steering wheels are standard on SE trims and above on the Atlas and Tiguan, and the top-of-the-line Atlas SEL Premium includes heated outboard seats in the second row.

Heated front washer nozzles and side mirrors: Scraping ice off the windshield is never fun, and on the coldest days, your side mirrors can grow foggy and frosty. Heated side mirrors can help remove fog, and heated washer nozzles warm up the washer fluid to help you melt that pesky frost. Heated side mirrors are standard on both car models, while heated washer nozzles are standard on SE trims and above.

4Motion all-wheel drive: Conditions change in the winter, but not to worry – Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel drive can adapt to the conditions of the road and can activate before wheelspin occurs. During regular travel, 4Motion will send power to the front wheels but will shift that power to the rear wheels when necessary. 4Motion is available on every trim of Tiguan and Atlas.

The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

Snow Mode1: Both the Atlas and Tiguan feature Active Control as a part of the 4Motion system, which allows the driver to select specific vehicle profiles based on driving conditions. When Snow Mode is engaged, the transmission upshifts earlier in the power cycle to help optimize traction. The Traction Control System (TCS) helps reduce engine power when it detects slippage from the individual wheel sensors and adapts its sensitivity to straight-line driving and cornering, where traction is of paramount importance. See above for 4Motion availability.

Hands-free tailgate: Getting into the hatch with your hands full can be a chore in any weather, but especially in winter with chilly temperatures. With the available foot-operated tailgate on Atlas and Tiguan, you can load up your snow gear quickly and easily. Available as a higher trim option on the Atlas and Tiguan.

Range remote start: With the convenient push of a button, you can warm up your car from the comfort of the indoors – a welcome start to those bitter-cold mornings. The range remote start kit2 is available as a higher trim option on the Atlas and Tiguan.

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas