VW Fans Share Their Love

Need a go-to for an instant Volkswagen fix? Look no further than your smartphone — and these VW-loving Instagram accounts.

Five-hundred million people log on to Instagram every day — about one-eighth of the entire world’s population. A few of our favorites, of course, love Volkswagen as much as we do, and they fill their feeds with gleaming Beetle vehicles, colorful Buses, and tricked-out Jetta images. Here are seven Instagrammers and four hashtags you’ll definitely love.


Kit and J.R. have called their cheery orange Bus (nicknamed “Sunshine”) home since 2012. Their adventures — what they term “slow travel” — take them from the sand of Florida to the crags of California’s Yosemite National Park.


Ol’ Blue is more than just transportation to the owners of Carabiner Coffee: It’s a java house on the go. Wherever owner Erik Gordon heads — which includes a lot of remote hiking outposts across the country  — he offers Colorado-roasted beans for sale from his VW bus. 


Tanner Foust covers his love of speed and much more in the revved-up scenes from his race-focused life. There are track shots, drift videos, and random sneaks into his life (think Foust getting his head shaved!). 


@vw, @vwdrivergear, and @volkswagenmotorsport

These official VW accounts offer Instagram-perfect ways to fuel your VW passion, whatever it is. The main VW account curates stunning Volkswagen-focused images from all over the world. VW DriverGear shows off VW-themed accessories such as clothing, water bottles, and wristwatches. VW Motorsports brings the heart-stopping action of VW racing right to your screen. 


Engines are also the prime driver of the Palm Tree Petrolheads, with plenty of VW shots — mostly in the sunny, palm-tree lined streets of Florida. 

Level up with VW hashtags

Looking for more? In addition to following individual Instagrammers, you can follow hashtags relevant to VW. Try:

  • #vw
  • #vwlove (Tag your own photos to share your love of all things VW.)
  • #vwlife
  • #vwbusbusiness