Volkswagen collaborates with composer Jacob Collier for new SUV campaign

Volkswagen enlisted British composer Jacob Collier to score the music for three new television spots featuring the Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan.

At age 24, Collier has already won worldwide acclaim as a musical protégé and mulit-award-winning artist; both in composing and performing. Largely self-taught, Collier had learned how to play a variety of instruments by age seven, and he gained viral fame for a series of inventive, jazz-tinged cover songs that he recorded in his home and uploaded to online video sites starting in 2011. In addition to touring internationally, Collier has released two albums and is slated to release three more in 2019.

Although his talent and ability inspired confidence in the collaboration, it was his youthful, free-spirit approach to music and how it aligned with the campaign’s spirit of fun that ultimately proved this would be the perfect team.

To help bring his score to life, a 20-person orchestra assembled at AIR studios in London in January to record his music live for the Volkswagen Atlas spot “Coaster.”

In addition to “Coaster,” Jacob also scored the 30-second “College” and “Moving” spots currently airing nationwide.

See the spots here, and see behind the scenes from the London recording session below:

You can also see Jacob live on the road during his current world tour, as well as the Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan on roads nationwide.