Vintage Warehaus: A true restoration story

“Bob” and “Leo,” two camper vans that Bolar has restored with the help of his wife Tasha.

Tim Bolar’s passion for restoring vehicles started where many enthusiasts’ do: fixing up cars with his grandfather as a kid. Born and raised in Iowa, Bolar talks fondly about his childhood memories of going for ice cream runs in his granddad’s Volkswagen Bug and afternoons spent working on his Beetle.

However, Bolar took his passion one step farther and turned it into a successful career path: he has a 9-to-5 job restoring vehicles and a side Volkswagen-inspired business called Vintage Warehaus.

Started last year by Bolar and his wife, Tasha, Vintage Warehaus is a unique concept. The couple sells one-of-a-kind vintage items and antiques out of their bright orange Volkswagen Transporter.

Tim and Tasha in a camper van they restored.

Over the past year, Tim and Tasha, have taken their colorful VW camper, nicknamed “Bob,” to antique shows around the state of Iowa. In between shows, the couple tracks down unique and uncommon furniture and goods that can be repurposed and resold, with the help of Vintage Warehaus. Through the experience, the pair have met numerous VW owners who jump at the opportunity to share their memories of the brand with fellow enthusiasts.

“We are just passionate about bringing older inventory to life again, which applies to both the cars and the antiques that we sell,” Bolar commented.

Before Vintage Warehaus, Bolar owned and restored several Volkswagen vehicles as a hobby, ranging from the Beetle to Rabbit, Jetta vehicles and a 1976 Westfalia bus. The Westfalia bus, dubbed “Leo,” was a complete overhaul of the vehicle.

Today, Bolar’s most recent restoration project is a blue 1984 Rabbit Cabriolet, Wolfsburg Edition. As he thinks about his plans for future cars and goods, he comments, “These projects just find me.”1

Bolar’s current restoration project: 1984 Rabbit Cabriolet, Wolfsburg Edition.