Technology to Help Keep You in Your Lane

Available Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist) helps monitor where you are in your lane and can gently steer you back if you start to drift outside your lane without using a turn signal 1.

Available Lane Assist uses a camera to look ahead and monitor your location within your lane. If your car starts to drift out of the lane and your blinker is not on, Lane Assist can gently help steer you back. The Touareg will even give the steering wheel a little buzz first to alert you, and only steer if you continue to drift out of the lane.

When you turn on your blinker to let other drivers know that you are changing lanes, you are also telling available Lane Assist you want to change lanes. When your blinker is on, the gentle steering support that Lane Assist provides is not active. In fact, it can be overridden at any time by your own steering. Available Lane Assist is just one more way that Volkswagen makes every drive a little better.

Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist) is one of several Volkswagen Driver Assistance features available on the following 2016 Volkswagen models: PassatCCGolfGolf SportWagenGolf GTIGolf R and Touareg.