Taking the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack to new heights

Modifying vehicles can adversely affect reliability, warranty coverage, & compliance with safety and other standards.

Jason Mariani always knew he wanted to own a wagon; it was just a matter of time and choosing the right vehicle to meet his needs. When he found the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, he knew he discovered much more than he was looking for.

The Golf Alltrack arrived in the U.S. in 2016 and has been gaining momentum among adventure-seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and families since. Mariani knew the Alltrack was the perfect car for his lifestyle because he could fit both his growing family and bicycles – ideal for the avid cyclist and new father.

“I wanted a sporty, fun car that also worked for my ‘dad’ responsibilities,” he explained.

That would have been enough for many owners. Not for Mariani, who’s since embarked on personalizing his Golf Alltrack into one eye-catching wagon. When Mariani first purchased his Alltrack, he wanted to see what other owners were doing to customize their vehicles. Starting in a popular VW owners forum, Jason landed on the Alltrack Owners Facebook page created by a community of Alltrack owners. Since joining as a member where he observed conversations and learned tips and tricks from other owners, he has watched the group more than triple in size and he has taken on the role of page moderator.

Today, the group has three moderators representing three regions: West Coast, Midwest and East coast. Members are from across the country and use their vehicles for a variety of purposes, ranging from shuttling kids, to going on adventures off the paved road with their all-wheel-drive capability.

The Alltrack Owners page also offered inspiration for Mariani as he made the Alltrack his own.1 Other owners gave ideas for headlights, taillights, accessories and more to make his car fit his lifestyle and interests. Additionally, he’s had the opportunity to meet other owners when he’s traveled around the country.

“This group is one of the most unique communities I have been a part of,” said Mariani. “Everyone is incredibly welcoming and they are always willing to lend a hand, offer advice or share their personal experiences of working on their cars.”

Recently, Mariani packed his Alltrack with his family and cycling gear, drove from New Jersey to Boston, Massachusetts for a 100-mile charity race. Late this summer, he plans to meet up with other Alltrack owners at Waterfest, an annual Northeast gathering of Volkswagen enthusiasts from all over the country.

“The beauty of the Alltrack community is we’ve got everybody,” says Mariani. “We’ve got moms who use this car for soccer duties, or those who turn the car sportier, and others who lookto take it off paved roads. Within the community, everyone is respectful, supportive and it’s great to see the versatility of the vehicle.”