Rush hour. Simplified.

Cruise control for the modern age. The Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), available on select models, is a responsive system that can adapt to traffic1. It helps you maintain a set cruising speed, exactly like you would expect, but when the vehicle in front of you slows down, ACC can slow down your Volkswagen to match its speed. ACC can automatically speed back up when there is no longer a vehicle in front of you.

Stop-and-go traffic may have met its match in the advanced Driver Assistance system. Select VW models with an automatic transmission include a Follow to Stop feature that enables ACC to bring the car to a complete stop when traffic gets backed up. The Golf R can even automatically resume driving from a stop if conditions allow. When was the last time navigating rush-hour traffic was such a breeze?

Before starting your drive, all you need to do is set your speed and desired distance from the vehicle ahead. To get cruising, set the cruise control speed with the push of a button. Setting the distance from the vehicle ahead determines the ACC acceleration response, from close and dynamic to further away and gentler. You can even change speed using only the ACC controls.

Keeping an eye on ACC is as easy as looking at the trip computer display where speed and distance settings are available. ACC can even help alert you if it detects a vehicle ahead when you’re not in cruise control.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is one of several Volkswagen Driver Assistance features available on the following 2016 Volkswagen models: PassatJettaCCGolfGolf SportWagenGolf GTIGolf R and Touareg.