Jetta Haus Goes Beyond the Driver’s Seat

Bass reverberating deep in your chest. Infinite selfies in a mirrored room. Delicious drinks and tasty treats. The Volkswagen Jetta Haus pop-up events offered something for every sense in a perfect weekend mashup of music, food, and forward-thinking experiences.

For Jetta and VW enthusiasts, the Jetta Haus pop-up events in May were more than just an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the all-new 2019 Jetta. This pop-up party toured Chicago, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles and gave guests the opportunity to go beyond the driver’s seat and experience the Jetta in all-new ways. Discover what sights and sounds they found at the Haus.

The Jetta Haus event was first and foremost a chance to showcase innovation — local innovation and VW innovation, too. Color and music are key components of the all-new Jetta (it is the first Volkswagen in the U.S. to offer the available BeatsAudio™ system), so color and music became the focus of the tour.  Local musical acts and DJs (Torae from Hip Hop Nation on SiriusXM, Channel 44 in NYC, for example) offered a just-for-the-city soundtrack and activities to reflect the flavor of the cities and neighborhoods.

Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center was filled with up-and-coming artists, including THE O’MY’S blend of hip-hop and soul and rapper The Boy Illinois. Hometown favorites Twelve’Len and indie artist Xaxo brought their talents to Miami’s Soho Studios. In Brooklyn, New York’s own DJ PARLER and Topaz Jones rocked the house with their hip-hop samplings along with R&B sensation Adrian Daniel and pop/rock band Oak & Ash. Playa Studios offered audiences a taste of some of California’s rising talent like VINCINT and Lorine Chia.

Equal parts Instagram-worthy and can’t-wait-to-try, the Betta Lab took the Jetta’s features out of the car and into a hands-on interactive art exhibit. The Betta Lab’s inspiration was 10-Color Ambient Lighting, a new available feature making its debut inside the Jetta.

The color confab and Jetta’s class-leading torque1 combined in another fan-friendly way in the Turbo Room. Inside, Mylar streamers draped from the ceiling blew in a generated wind as an ever-changing rotation of color imbued the space with movement. Finally, the Betta Lab offered a new way to think about selfies, with a mirrored room that changed hues.

Normally, most VW owners try to keep their vehicles’ exterior free of scuffs and marks. But at Jetta Haus, the Jetta became art thanks to the work of local creatives such as Miami’s own Marlon Pruz: A Jetta was wrapped in white vinyl and artists (and attendees) sketched out one-of-a-kind VW murals.

Of course, there’s no way to have an event all about the Jetta without getting to drive a Jetta. But even the test drive experience got a makeover during Jetta Haus: A short closed course was illuminated with intelligent lights, giving drivers a chance to get behind the wheel of the Jetta in a whole new way.

The Future of Car Events? Maybe

Tactile, Instagrammable, and just plain fun: Jetta Haus was a festive platform for art, music, and an immersive look at the all-new 2019 Jetta.