What’s New in Driver Assistance

New advances give you more options.

Helping you drive with more confidence, helping you make use of technology: Those are the dual goals behind Volkswagen Driver Assistance.1 Upgrades, updates, and new additions to these available VW features can help. Here’s what’s new.

Evolved parking help

Dramatization. Features available on select trims.

Available Park Assist1 made its debut in model year 2015, and on its anniversary it’s gotten an upgrade. VW engineers have updated algorithms to help make parking quicker and the distance smaller.

The newest entry — Park Assist 3.0 — introduces a semi-automatic front parking capability that can help with:

  • Parallel parking in spaces the length of the vehicle plus 2.6 feet
  • Pulling out of parallel spaces the length of the vehicle plus 1.6 feet
  • Perpendicular parking (forwards or backwards) in spaces the width of the vehicle plus 1.2 feet.

It’s easier to use Park Assist now, too: The sensors are more adept at helping to detect where you want to park, which requires fewer inputs. Additionally, 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle — courtesy of Park Distance Control — shows warnings on the radio/navigation screen indicating the distance to other vehicles.

Park Assist 3.0 is standard on the 2018 Atlas and Golf.

Dramatization. Features available on select trims.

Wider camera views

Available Area View complements Park Assist 3.0. It uses four cameras around the vehicle (the rearview camera, one in the bumper, and one in each side mirror) to “stitch” together wide-view images to provide a bird’s-eye view to help better guide the vehicle into a space.1 Drivers can also access individual camera views, for example, to make sure the wheels aren’t against a curb.

Area View is available on the 2018 Atlas.

Better pedestrian detection

Pedestrian Monitoring is part of Volkswagen available Front Assist on some vehicles. Using a radar sensor — which works day or night — Pedestrian Monitoring can help “see” pedestrians crossing the vehicle’s forward path. Pedestrian Monitoring uses audible and visual signals at speeds over 19 mph to help alert the driver to pedestrians in the road; under 19 mph the car will automatically initiate braking without warning.1Pedestrian Monitoring (included in Front Assist) is available on the 2018 Tiguan, Golf, and Atlas.

Personalized preferences

Every driver has a unique approach to driving. With personalization options from VW, you can create and store your Driver Assistance preferences including infotainment, memory seat, and HVAC alongside other options and assign those groupings to a name or a driver. Up to 100 settings can also be assigned to your key, allowing your Volkswagen to recognize you. In the all-new 2018 Atlas, the available Volkswagen Digital Cockpit even puts these preferences front and center.

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