Choose Your Golf R Shade

Decisions, decisions: What’s your favorite hue from the new 45-color Volkswagen Spektrum?

When it comes to choosing the perfect, just-for-you Volkswagen Golf R model, the list of available colors to sort through just got longer.

New for the 2019 model year, the VW Spektrum Program1 offers an unmatched, rainbow-bridging array of 40 special order-only, exterior colors (plus 5 standard ones at no additional charge) for the VW Golf R. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure color story where the results come in everything from a riveting shade of Viper Green to a jolt of Oxide Red.

Of course, the colors we wear, the colors we like, and the VW shade we choose says a little something about how we want the world to view us. So, how do you even begin to choose? Read on for some inspiration — Spektrum hues designed to complement your personality.

The Extrovert

Don’t mind attention? Then the VW Spektrum offers electric hues — Hot Chili Pearl, Viper Green Metallic, Jazz Blue Pearl, Futura Yellow Metallic, Sarantos Turquoise, TNT Orange, Curry Yellow — that may be the just-right way for you to stand out, whether you’re driving or parked (even in your own driveway).


The Free Spirit

Feel most at home finding your own way, with or without GPS? Take a closer look at the organic-leaning greens and blues in the VW Spektrum (Irish Green, Moss Green Metallic, Reseda Green, Mystic Blue Pearl, Inky Blue Pearl).


The Classic Enthusiast

A subtle approach doesn’t have to be all black and white. In fact, it can be a little bit of Mocha Anthracite Metallic, Graphite Metallic, Anthracite Metallic, or Dust Gray, and even a pop of Bordeaux Red Pearl — hues that anyone enamored with clean lines and touches will love.


The Cool and Collected

Rarely frazzled: If that’s your vibe, then it’s easy to slide behind the wheel of serenity-inducing hues of Prussian Blue Metallic, Deep Blue Pearl, Dark Violet Pearl, Squirrel Gray, or Ice Blue. Our advice: Breathe easy.


The Refined One

Making a statement doesn’t mean making noise. Our VW Spektrum examples? Take a closer look at Oxide Red, Dark Burgundy Pearl, Slate Grey, Violet Touch Pearl, Racing Green, and Azure Blue Pearl — lustrous and subdued at the same time.


The Get Up & Go Getter

Can’t contain your energy? Choose a hue for your Golf R to convey that electric vibe with eye-catching shades like Ginster Yellow previously seen on the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI, Magma Orange from the 2007 GTI Fahrenheit Edition, Nogaro Blue Pearl, Copper Orange Metallic, Cliff Green, Hot Chili Pearl, and Mars Red.


The Eclectic

Who says that green and pink don’t go together, or that patterns shouldn’t mix with stripes? Not you — and not your VW Spectrum faves either, we’re willing to guess. Let the vibrant Raspberry Red, Caribbean Green, 91 Blue, Traffic Purple, and Techno Blue Pearl take center stage in your version of VW central casting.

*Not all Spektrum colors are depicted.

The MSRP for VW Spektrum colors is $2,500, and build and delivery time is approximately two to four months from time of factory acceptance of special order. Orders can be placed at a later time to be announced, but you can visit a Volkswagen dealership to view real-life paint samples of each VW Spektrum color. Additionally, a builder tool will soon be added to, allowing users to check out 360-degree views of the Golf R in any of the Volkswagen Spektrum colors.