The BUDD-e concept car

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, the BUDD-e concept car demonstrated a driving experience based on the new Modular Electric Drive Kit, and one that could bring the smart world of the future on board.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the BUDD-e concept vehicle generated a noticeable buzz. It’s the first Volkswagen concept to be firmly anchored in the smart world of the future – fully electric, fully connected.


Helping keep an eye on things

With this concept vehicle, you could see what’s happening outside your house from the vehicle’s display long before you arrive at home. Images could be transmitted to the vehicle from a camera at home, which could show who’s knocking on your front door. That can be helpful if you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Through an intercom system, the driver could even inform the guest of the delay and let them in.


At home while on the go

Being on the road with the BUDD-e concept vehicle could feel a bit like having brought your home right along with you. Thanks to VW Car-Net® App-Connect, many smart home functions could be operated via the touchscreen in the vehicle. So even while you’re away on a holiday, you could check whether you locked the door. And check the fridge to see if you still have what you need while you’re on the way home. The transition between the car and your home could become a nearly seamless flow.


Seen in the right light

With a multifunctional touch slider, you could adjust the ambient lighting inside the BUDD-e concept to the color of your choice.



Don’t forget!

The BUDD-e concept vehicle can remind its passengers when they’ve left something important in the vehicle. A dedicated app would make it possible to use your compatible smartwatch or smartphone to locate keys, wallet and so on in the vehicle, or view an inventory of all objects. On rainy days, the intelligent reminder could point out if you’ve left your umbrella behind. All this would be possible by applying tiny radio stickers to objects you’d like the vehicle to locate.


Digital arm

Gesture control would enable you to depart without fishing around for your keys. On the exterior of the BUDD-e concept vehicle, sensors capture infrared light and detect people when they’re approaching the vehicle. So all it would take to open the sliding door would be a brief, intuitive gesture from an authorized user. The same principle applies to the electrically powered tailgate. It’s a further development of the available Easy Open function, already an option available on many Volkswagen models. A point projected onto the ground shows precisely where you have to place your foot. After the corresponding foot movement, the tailgate opens without further ado.


No more switches

The car of the future could take you at your word. Instead of contrived voice commands, BUDD-e can understand everyday speech. The prototype system can also figure out who is talking and where the person is sitting in the vehicle. For example, if the passenger says, “I’m cold”, the car could switch on the heat in the passenger’s climate zone.