Giuliana Rancic on fighting breast cancer and granting wishes

As a TV personality and breast-cancer survivor, Giuliana Rancic has been uniquely positioned to make a difference for women.

After her own battle with cancer in 2011, Giuliana founded FAB-U-WISH, a program that grants wishes to women undergoing breast cancer treatment and partnered with The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research, care and awareness of the disease among young professionals.

To aid those goals, Volkswagen has donated the chance to be the first owner of the 2017 #PinkBeetle, via a Charitybuzz auction that runs through September 22, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The winner also gets the opportunity to attend The Pink Agenda’s Annual Gala on Oct. 13 in New York and meet Giuliana.

We talked with Giuliana about her cause and the inspirations behind it:

Q: What led you to come up with the idea of FAB-U-WISH?

Giuliana Rancic: Once I returned to work after my double mastectomy, and got my hair and makeup done and put on a pretty outfit, I looked in the mirror and felt like my old self. For the first time in months, I recognized the face looking back at me in the mirror. I realized all women going through breast cancer treatment can benefit from feeling like a princess for a day and that’s how FAB-U-WISH came about.

Q: How does it help women with breast cancer? What kind of wishes have been granted so far?

GR: Women who have been granted FAB-U-WISHes say they love being able to forget about having cancer for a day. We have granted wishes ranging from beauty and spa days, to home makeovers and shopping sprees, to meeting celebrities or heading to exclusive events.

Q: As a breast-cancer survivor, what’s your opinion of the support networks available for women today?

GR: For me, the most important support group was my family and friends. The role of the caregiver is an incredibly important one and I can’t imagine getting through my recovery without my caring and loving husband by my side.

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2017 #PinkBeetle

Q: Why did you pair with The Pink Agenda?

GR: The Pink Agenda is a terrific organization focused on activating young people to be the future of breast cancer philanthropy. This is a very important mission and I’m proud to be their partner. Together, we help raise money for the research needed to find a cure, and help women facing breast cancer feel good in the meantime.

Q: What do you hope can be accomplished with the #PinkBeetle?

GR: Funds raised through the #PinkBeetle auction will help us grant more wishes and fund research needed for our greatest wish – finding a breast cancer cure.

Q: After your experience, what do you tell women today who get this diagnosis?

GR: I encourage women to stay strong and know that “this too shall pass.” Those four words got me through some tough moments and now, five years later, I am living proof that those words really mean something.