America’s first Volkswagen e-Golf owner on driving electric

Bruce Oberg is a Volkswagen enthusiast, long-time electric car driver and the first owner of the Volkswagen e-Golf. In November 2014, Oberg placed a $41,400 bid on the 2015 e-Golf through an auction on Two years later, Oberg continues to be a happy VW e-Golf owner, with a passion for electric driving. We asked him to tell us what the experience has been like so far:

Take us back to 2014, how was your overall experience in becoming the first e-Golf owner?

When I saw that Volkswagen was going to come out with the e-Golf I was super excited about getting one. In fact, soon after my wife and I purchased the VW Tiguan, I went back to the local dealership and tried to get on any type of wait list for the e-Golf. Then one night, scrolling through a Volkswagen social media group, I learned about the auction and got immediately on board. In the next few days, I kept my eye on the auction, went, made a reasonable bid and low and behold – won it.

Since I was based in Seattle, the local dealership in Oregon took care of all the paperwork and shipped it to our home. This was in November 2014 – we have been driving the pants off that car ever since.

Bruce Oberg and his Volkswagen e-GolfWhat is your favorite thing about the e-Golf?

My wife and I have driven Golf models for many years and are previous owners to many other Volkswagens. When we got the e-Golf it was a perfect transition. The familiarity and comfort of owning a Volkswagen was definitely something my wife and I were very excited about. The nuts and bolts were still in the same place, but you had an electric drive train instead.

The engineering in the e-Golf is also immediately noticeable. For example, the vehicle comes equipped with an analog battery gauge which indicates how much of the charge is remaining. The vehicle even gives you the option to select eco- mode, so you can save your battery and travel longer distances. I love that they gave me all these choices.

What do you think keeps people from getting an electric vehicle?

I think that when most people imagine an electric car, they think of a go-kart. Some may even picture a slow, punky vehicle that may not hold a lot of power. The truth is that in electrics, there is a lot of power to be accessed. When you have the right motor and a lot of battery, you get this great acceleration.. There is nothing more fun to drive. At this point, I can’t imagine going back to a gas car because my daily drives are so much fun.

A concern people have with electric vehicles is the capacity for long-distance driving. With an electric vehicle, you definitely have to plan ahead for these drives. This is one potential downside; we love it for our day-to-day driving, but if we wanted to go on a cross-country trip we would have to make other arrangements.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If I were to say anything to Volkswagen it would be that I would like to see electric drive trains available for every model, not just for the Golf. For instance, I wish that I could buy a Passat or a Beetle with an electric drive train. I can only image how cool an electric Beetle would be.

That is the one thing I am looking forward to the most, the day I can walk into a dealership, choose any Volkswagen model and just say “give it to me with an electric drive train.”