A VW Beetle enthusiast gets her dream car after 12 years of saving

At 15 years old, Tiera Powers vowed she would one day own a 2005 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS convertible with an Aquarius Blue coat. Never losing sight of her goal, she saved for over a decade to buy her dream baby blue Beetle. “I always loved how the Beetle stood out in a crowd … It’s so unique,” said Powers, now 27.

Powers was inspired to start her Beetle fund after spotting her ideal ride while out shopping with her mother for a family car in 2006. The Upstate New York teen couldn’t keep her eyes off the shiny new Bug parked across the street in the lot of a Schenectady County Volkswagen dealership.

Even though Powers didn’t have a job — or even a driver’s license — at the time, she was committed to making her vision a reality. “I decided right there I was going to get a job to buy that car,” she recalls.

And she didn’t hesitate. From the VW lot, Powers headed straight to a local church where she secured her first job as a part-time administrator. Since then, her career has taken her from dentist’s offices to TV newsrooms, though she never stopped pinching pennies throughout. She even kept a 1:12 scale model on her desk to keep her eyes on the prize.

“Having a goal makes it easier to save,” Powers explained. “You don’t realize how much money you can actually put away until you really want something.”

Last summer, she had finally saved enough funds to buy her dream Bug and started scouring listings from across the state. Lucky, her boyfriend found a match at a used car dealership in Latham, New York – just down the road from her home in Schenectady – in January.

On top of that, she was able to secure a good deal on the used convertible since it was wintertime. “After I went to the dealership and test drove the car, I took a week to think about it,” she said.
The following week, after a huge snowstorm, she decided to make an offer — $5,100 — and drove the car home two days later.

The “Dream Beetle,” currently unnamed, is sitting in Powers’ garage with 84,000 miles on it. She’s also keeping her previous car to brave the Northeast’s wintry conditions.

Powers plans to christen her new car with a name and celebratory first drive this spring.