A Volkswagen for Everyone

Change can be good, in life and in a Volkswagen.

Change might mean just figuring out how the right size VW works better for your life — for example, how a cargo carrier could help you on those summer camping trips. And change might also mean figuring out which upsized VW is better for your life — to add that extra grocery-carrying space or third row for the soccer team. Discover the adaptable add-ons and new models that fit the you of today — and tomorrow.

Upsize: Atlas
A Great Fit for the Extenda-Family

You’ve hit that point in your family life in which the kids much prefer travelling in packs — or pairs— and you prefer carpooling, too. The Atlas lets you all ride like kings and queens, not sardines, with three super-roomy fold-down rows, four USB ports, 17 cupholders, and available Driver Assistance1 features for on-the-road help amid the giggliest car pools. Add a Cargo Box Carrier,2 and packing up for the annual holiday road trip will be a piece of cake.

Right Size: Tiguan
Adapt for Urban Adventure Seekers

You’ve successfully tested the capacity of your Tiguan with all things off-road. That 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a transport accessory2 is perfect for skis, mountain bikes, or whatever your personal adrenaline rush needs to make its heart content. Your new passion? Exploring your urban environs with vintage furniture scores, multi-couple date nights, and bags and gear for weekend escapes.

VW DriverGear or Accessories:

They can help solve all your driving and storage conundrums (and make you look cool). Even better? The Genuine Volkswagen Accessories Warranty offers coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.3 To find more ideas and get your favorite items, click here.

Right Size: Alltrack or SportWagen
The Road Less Traveled Is Always Good

You got the Alltrack or SportWagen because you knew it could keep up with your adventurous streak. That doesn’t have to change now that out-of-town soccer tournaments are as likely as backroad escapes. (And you’ll enjoy both thanks to the 4MOTION® all-wheel drive, which comes standard on the Alltrack and is available on the SportWagen. It can send torque to the rear axle just when you need it.) To make sure you can take advantage of non-soccer weekends, add base carrier bars and a bike or kayak holder attachment2 — enjoy the evolution.

Right Size: Passat
More Space for the Family on the Move

The sheer volume of kids’ stuff seems to grow right along with them, leading you to yearn for a little more room. Your Passat has the dedicated space — with more than three feet of rear legroom — for weeklong vacations, holidays at the grandparents, or all those super-size groceries.

Upsize: Jetta
Superior Sound for the Independent Go-Getter

A redesign and a teched-out interior in the all-new 2019 Jetta may force your friends into a serious case of VW envy. And with some of the vehicle’s features, who wouldn’t feel that way? Take the available BeatsAudio™ for example. It’s described as “sound you can feel” for a reason. It may net you the title of DFD (the designated festival driver).

Upsize: Golf or Golf GTI
Because You Just Love to Drive

You know that driving is more than just getting from point A to point B. That’s why the Golf or Golf GTI —  in all its customizable glory — is your urban spirit vehicle. Whether you’re toting the week’s groceries or simply out to enjoy the road, the unmistakable profile of either hatch turns heads. Perfection.

Upsize: Arteon
An Artful Approach for the Style Connoisseur

Do you find inspiration is everywhere, from gallery walls to well-crafted meals? Then add the all-new Arteon — with a classic fastback design as your style statement — to your driveway. It’s like a navigable work of art, with both design and substance (hello, turbocharged engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission) on display. It makes art openings and grocery runs equally sublime. Available this fall.