VW Car-Net Gets a Boost

Tech has turned our cars into more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Take the features that are part of Volkswagen Car-Net®. They enable you to access navigation information, receive alerts, and manage entertainment, among other capabilities

Now, there’s even more to love about Car-Net®. Three new features —  Parking Information1 (powered by Parkopedia), Valet Alert,2 and Curfew Alert,2 — provide valuable peace of mind and convenience.

The new trio is part of the Security & Service3 umbrella of the Volkswagen Car-Net® app. That includes Safe & Secure features such as Automatic Crash Notification,4 Roadside Assistance,5 and Manual Emergency Call.4

Whether you’re thinking about an upgrade to a newer VW, haven’t updated your VW Car-Net® app in a while, or just want to get the most out of this cool new tech, here’s what you need to know.

Help park your VW

How many times have you driven around a busy block searching for an open parking space? You’re not alone: Each year, the average driver wastes approximately 17 hours searching for parking. That’s a lot of hours you could be spending reading, walking, or working — or just doing nothing. The Parking Information2 feature, powered by Parkopedia, helps drivers locate off-street parking, either nearby or at an intended destination. By clicking on a specific location, drivers can access a parking spot address, hours of operation, and pricing. Then, with a simple tap on the “Send to My VW” button, the Car-Net® feature (if equipped) automatically sends directions to your VW navigation system.

Help keep track of your VW

 Ever turned your keys over to a valet with just a little bit of hesitation? The new Valet Alert2 feature can help. Once activated, this new feature notifies owners if their vehicle is driven more than 0.2 miles from the last parked location. These alerts can be sent via text, email, or both — and can easily be turned on or turned off in the Vehicle Options menu in the VW Car-Net® app.

Help set a curfew for your VW

The challenges of driving at night are different than the challenges of driving during the day — for everyone. But according to a recent study, nighttime driving can be  more than twice as dangerous for teens as driving during the day, which is why Curfew Alert2 may be a welcome addition for families with new drivers.

Curfew Alert2 allows parents to set a curfew for when a vehicle can be driven. If the car is taken out after curfew, the owner can receive both an email and a text message alert.

Get with the Net

Customers who purchase new Volkswagen models equipped with Car-Net® Security & Service3 receive a free six-month trial subscription — and can extend the service afterward by purchasing a month-to-month subscription or a long-term package. Subscribers can access a host of helpful features, including Manual Emergency Call4 and Vehicle Health Reports.8 To begin a trial, drivers can push the “i-Button” in the cabin of their equipped vehicle, which will initiate a call to a customer specialist. If you are an existing Car-Net® Security and Service3 user, simply update your app.

For more information, please consult your dealer, call (877) 820-2290, or visit VW.com/carnet.

Don’t have Car-Net®?

These Security & Service3 features — just a few of the possibilities — may convince you.

 1. Set speed, curfew, valet, and boundary alerts2

2. Alert our agents with Automatic Crash Notification4

3. Get assistance with Manual Emergency Call4 and Roadside Assistance5

4. Lock and unlock doors, honk the horn, and flash the lights — remotely — with Remote Vehicle Access6

5. Find out where your car is parked with Last Parked Location7