The VW Auto Show Experience

Behind the scenes at the immersive Volkswagen exhibit, unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

February temperatures outside dipped into the low double digits, but inside McCormick Place — just blocks from Lake Michigan — it wasn’t winter’s winds that garnered attention, it was the all-new, hands-on Volkswagen exhibit.

Kids and grown-ups alike played in front of an interactive display board, which broadcasted their movements back to them in black and white and showered them with a cascade of tick-tick-ticks — the sound of thousands of tiny magnetic pixels flipping. Other attendees “zoomed” around a virtual racetrack, seated behind the wheel of a GTI racing simulator. And some spent time snapping photos and popping in and out of each member of the VW family of vehicles, including the all-new Arteon.

For attendees, taking a peek at the VW exhibit is a seamless experience. It’s like visiting a showroom, with a few more bells and whistles (and some fun stuff for the kids). But developing the brand-new exhibit — which stays up for just over a week and travels to several auto shows — was something that required a lot more time and effort.

The new VW exhibit appeared at the New York International Auto Show in March and will appear again at the LA Auto Show, November 30–December 9, at the LA Convention Center.

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Click and drag your curser to explore the VW exhibit in a full 360-degree view.

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