Now Showing on the Big Screen

Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit information display — available in the all-new 2018 seven-seater Atlas — brings a new level of personalization and visual clarity to the instrument panel.

We all love a big screen, and the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas can be equipped with just that. The seven-passenger vehicle has an available 12.3-inch Volkswagen Digital Cockpit to display the information you want to get the most out of your drive. It features a high-resolution thin-film transistor (TFT) display with 1440 x 540-pixel resolution. But the real beauty of this new display is that it lets you configure views to personalize the information you see.

Prefer to view a big version of the navigation map? Toggle a switch on the steering wheel and the virtual speedometer and tachometer dials will shrink to the side, enlarging the map.

Want to adjust the available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)1 system? Again, toggle the switch, and the map is replaced with the ACC display, putting available Driver Assistance features front and center.

And these are just two of a multitude of easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust displays the available Volkswagen Digital Cockpit lets you personalize. Here are six more ways it can transform the traditional instrument cluster into an intuitive, interactive experience:

1. Start-up Specs Just for You

Press the start button, and the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit comes alive, welcoming you by name. It can even activate your (and up to three other drivers’) preferred settings, from memory seat and mirror positions to driver profile selections (such as heating and air conditioning settings and available Driver Assistance settings) to your favorite radio station.

2. Dial Within a Dial

To display even more information, the speedometer and tachometer dials can be configured to show an inner dial. Here you can see additional information, including navigation instructions, estimated fuel economy and range, speed, and available Driver Assistance features.

3. Make a Call

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit works with select compatible smartphones to display all your contacts and your recent call history in the center section of the screen. Scroll down, click to highlight, and you can make a hands-free call.2

4. Off-Road View

The all-new Atlas is built to take you along the road less traveled. So when you select the off-road view,3 the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit will display the angle of your front wheels and show your direction on a compass. There’s even an altimeter to show how high you’re climbing.

5. Warning!

If a pedestrian is headed into the vehicle’s path, Atlas’ available Pedestrian Monitoring (included in Front Assist) can help detect the pedestrian and alert you.4 An alert is presented on the screen in your line of sight.

6. Classic View

For those times when you just don’t want so much information, simply select Classic View. This gives you the traditional full-size speedometer and tachometer dials.

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is a standard feature of the 2018 Atlas SEL Premium. It will also be available on the upcoming 2018 Tiguan.