The USWNT just brought home another championship—and ‘home’ was ready to celebrate

As the seconds ticked down in the final moments of the U.S. Women’s National Team 2-0 victory over the Netherlands, preparations were already underway in New York City – preparing a heroes’ welcome fit for a team that captured not only the championship, but the imagination of an entire nation.

For a few hours on a steamy Wednesday morning in July, lower Manhattan transformed into the Canyon of Heroes as fans spilled into the streets with homemade signs and cheered from office high-rises as floats carrying the champions made their way down Broadway under a flurry of ticker tape. It was an inspiring and pivotal moment for soccer in the U.S. — and for female athletes (young and old, amateur and pro) the world over.



Not on our watch.

At Volkswagen, we understand the deep pride people feel for this team. It’s this same pride that inspired us to become the presenting partner of the U.S. men’s, women’s and youth national teams. Because, to us, driving bigger means supporting these teams, and not just on the field. In fact, we even had members from the New York chapter of America SCORES on our parade float.

And we won’t just be there for the fanfare. We’ll be collaborating with U.S. Soccer to help increase grassroots-level support and foster a deeper love for the game. By working toward raising the game’s visibility in the U.S., we’re hoping to help truly make soccer America’s most popular sport. It already has one of the most passionate fan bases, so we’re off to a great start.