Discover the ancient sharks that once roamed your neighborhood

There may be more in your backyard than you bargained for. Join us this Shark Week as we team with Discovery to uncover the history of America's ancient oceans and the sharks that once roamed them.

To continue the buzz and excitement around the all-new Atlas, Volkswagen leveraged its 6-year collaboration with Discovery’s Shark Week to bring an interactive experience to life showing America that with the new 7-seater SUV, Life’s As Big As You Make It.

This year’s story centers around the Goulds, a family of Shark Week super fans, as they head from one amazing location to the next, crisscrossing the country on an epic summer road trip and learning all about the prehistoric sharks that once swam the Inland Sea, a massive ocean that used to cover much of the continental United States.

In addition to their journey, Volkswagen and Discovery have also created a unique online experience that allows viewers at home to explore the depths of their neighborhood alongside these ancient sharks and through an immersive Google Streetview experience, which lets them enter any address in the United States and watch the sharks swim the streets of their neighborhood.