Art, snow and fun, powered by Volkswagen

VW re-teams with PSIA-AASI and artist Mimi Kvinge in a unique effort

The next time you go skiing or snowboarding, don’t be surprised if a beautiful, snow-covered mountain just happens to pull up next to you in the parking lot.

For a second year in a row, Volkswagen is the official sponsorship vehicle for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) to help promote snow sports on the slopes.

The education association has more than 32,000 members who work as professional ski and snowboard instructors at more than 400 ski and snowboard schools at resorts across the country. These instructors teach everyone from novices to experts about learning to ski or ride so they can find just the right way down the slopes. PSIA-AASI develops education resources that are used as the core component of most ski and snowboard school training.

Last season, PSIA-AASI’s operational leadership teams across the country had the Golf Alltrack as their support vehicle, and this season, Volkswagen expanded the fleet to include two new SUVs with 4MOTION all-wheel drive capabilities—the Atlas and all-new Tiguan.

“VW has been a great supporter of PSIA-AASI this past year, providing our division staff and event teams access to the mountains in various types of weather. This collaboration gives our teams an invaluable measure of confidence that they’ll arrive at their destination,” said PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Herrin. “PSIA-AASI is eager to hit the road with new vehicles from Volkswagen that feature 4Motion All-Wheel-Drive.”

And as before, those vehicles add to the scenery around them.

Mimi Kvinge, an artist from the Pacific Northwest, who painted the mountain artwork featured on the Golf Alltrack last year, tackled the challenge of putting her touch on the Tiguan, Golf Alltrack and Atlas.

“I could not be more excited about being involved with the evolution of this project. Even though this my second year working with Volkswagen and PSIA-AASI, it is still so exciting and surreal to see my painting on such iconic vehicles,” Kvinge said.

Since working with Volkswagen and PSIA-AASI, Mimi’s social presence has grown significantly, which has helped bring more attention to the benefits of taking a professional lesson, PSIA-AASI and the Volkswagen fleet.

For a sneak preview of the custom artwork that Mimi describes as a “piece of her imagination on a unique canvas,” check out her Instagram feed next week at

The best way to appreciate these murals is up close and in person. This winter, they’ll be making appearances at practically every major resort in the country from California to New England. And PSIA-AASI will be creating some digital spotlight feature stories and a podcast with Mimi about the murals.

You can also see more details about the partnership by visiting the social feeds for Volkswagen and PSIA-AASI:


PSIA-AASI Instagram:

Note: When driving during cold, snowy, or icy weather conditions, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with appropriate all- season or winter weather tires. Even with appropriate tires, you must always drive in a manner appropriate for the weather, visibility and road conditions. Tires are supplied and warranted by their manufacturer.