A 100-day moveable feast

Two food writers and photographers set off in a Volkswagen Passat to map the best of America’s culinary landscape

In August 2016 Nick Nigro and Bay Ewald, writers, photographers and co-founders of artistic production company comewecreate, took off on a 100-day culinary tour around America. For over three months, the couple made the Volkswagen Passat their home as they explored the fields of farmers, the workspaces of creative distillers and the kitchens of some of the most renowned chefs in America.

“The adventure begins in the city where we first met — San Francisco,” says Bay Ewald. “The car, Mr. Binks as we named him, was packed and ready to go. To Ashland. To Bend. To Portland. To Seattle. To Spokane. And then, to the wide open expanse of Montana, where we encountered our first realization that there was no turning back.”

For 100 days, this was their world. Each day marked with a new adventure, unpredictable and invigorating. As they made their way into new towns and cities, they sat across the table from culinary masterminds, often joining them in the kitchen to learn about their craft and hear their story. Overall, they took 25,000 photos and completed 150 features.

“Food has a unique way of connecting people. You can come to the table with someone and understand them,” says Nick Nigro. “Because of this journey, we are now able to come home and work on creating a book that connects these different regions and gives a voice to the people who make America’s culinary map come to life.”

Driving over 15,000 miles in their trusted Mr. Binks, Nick and Bay covered over 40 states. From sustainable farms to two-star Michelin restaurants, the couple experienced first-hand the soul of American cuisine and the extraordinary people behind it.

100-Day Food Tour of America


There was venturing to a packed supper club in Milwaukee, suiting up in bee suits and extracting honey in Chicago, foraging for wild apples in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont, searching for a slice of the most sublime key lime pie in Key West, Florida, becoming friends with a passionate once-homeless dishwasher turned six-time James Beard Award finalist chef in Houston — and so much more.

And then, it was back home to California for the surprise ending, where Nick proposed with his grandmother’s ring — the one he’d carried with him all around the country.

Bringing together the stories from their journey, Nick and Bay have now been working to create their second book, The Art of Feeding, where each chapter offers a unique take on the flavorings of American regional cuisine and brings to life the unforgettable experiences from their 100 days on the road.

To learn more about Nick and Bay and their culinary tour around America visit www.comewecreate.com or follow them on social media @comewecreate