VW Fans Share Their Love

Need a go-to for an instant Volkswagen fix? Look no further than your smartphone — and these VW-loving Instagram accounts.

Five-hundred million people log on to Instagram every day — about one-eighth of the entire world population. A few of our favorites, of course, love Volkswagen as much as we do, and they fill their feeds with gleaming Beetle vehicles, colorful Buses, and tricked-out Jetta images. Here are 12 Instagrammers and four hashtags you’ll definitely want to follow. 


Kit and J.R. have called their cheery orange Bus (nicknamed “Sunshine”) home since 2012. Their adventures — what they term “slow travel” — take them from the sand of Florida to the crags of California’s Yosemite National Park.


Ol’ Blue is more than just transportation to the owners of Carabiner Coffee: It’s a java house on the go. Wherever owner Erik Gordon heads — which includes a lot of remote hiking outposts across the country  — he offers Colorado-roasted beans for sale from his VW bus. 


Photographer and videographer Sam Dobbins focuses most of his Instagram on the VW Mk7 GTI RS concept car (along with the occasional adorable cat picture). Dobbins also relies solely on black-and-white snapshots, giving the VW a sculptural, arthouse feel. 


Whether they’re shiny and reclaimed or on their way to a just-like-new look, the VW vehicles in this curated Instagram account share one thing : They’re all air-cooled. 


Tanner Foust covers his love of speed and much more in the revved-up scenes from his race-focused life. There are track shots, drift videos, and random sneaks into his life (think Foust getting his head shaved!). 


A self-proclaimed car journalist/parts hunter/car importer/car builder, Jamie Orr is an enthusiast who has built his career and travel around all things automotive. These adventures are on full display in his account. For a bigger peek into his love of VW, check out his @VWmodel account, devoted to Orr’s collection of VW scale models and toys. 


Sleek concept cars, souped-up race cars, and everyday sedans: If there’s a Volkswagen somewhere in the world that someone has taken a picture of, you’ll likely find it here. 

@vw, @vwdrivergear, and @volkswagenmotorsport

These official VW accounts offer Instagram-perfect ways to fuel your VW passion, whatever it is. The main VW account curates stunning Volkswagen-focused images from all over the world. VW DriverGear shows off VW-themed accessories such as clothing, water bottles, and wristwatches. VW Motorsports brings the heart-stopping action of VW racing right to your screen. 


Everything depicted on this Instagram account has probably been fixed by the hands of Charles S., the master-certified VW tech behind this page. His special focus is the MK4 R32. 


Engines are also the prime driver of the Palm Tree Petrolheads, with plenty of VW shots — mostly in the sunny, palm-tree lined streets of Florida. 

Level up with VW hashtags

Looking for more? In addition to following individual Instagrammers, you can follow hashtags relevant to VW. Try:

  • #vw
  • #vwlove (Tag your own photos to share your love of all things VW.)
  • #vwlife
  • #vwbusbusiness