Volkswagen encourages American soccer fans to Jump on the Wagen for a new team this summer

It’s always more fun when you have a team to support. VW is here to help keep American soccer fans in the game during this year’s tournament.

Every four years, the world comes together for soccer’s biggest event, and even though the American team didn’t qualify, there’s no reason for American fans to sit out this year’s tournament.

Games are more fun when you have a team to root for, and with 32 countries at the tournament, Americans have plenty of options. With that in mind, Volkswagen has launched a full-scale campaign to help American fans find a new team to support, and a whole new reason to cheer.


A series of TV spots will air on FOX during the tournament, each one starring a fan from a different country who’s making his or her pitch to Americans to “Jump on the Wagen” and root for their home country’s team.

Playful and earnest, these commercials give American fans a playful taste of each country’s personality and offer a fun way to still be a part of soccer’s biggest event.

For fans who need a little additional guidance in choosing a Wagen to jump on, VW partnered with FOX to create digital shorts featuring U.S. soccer great Alexi Lalas and fellow FOX analyst Rob Stone. From the comfort of a Volkswagen, they offer their thoughts and predictions to help fans find a new team to root for. When they’re not behind the wheel, they’re behind the desk, hosting the VW-sponsored FOX post-game show and discussing all the tournament action.

On Telemundo, Volkswagen will serve as “Viva el Mundial y Más,” as the Súbete a la Pásion campaign reaches out to the Spanish-language audiences, inviting fans to “get on board” and celebrate their shared passion for fútbol.

Throughout the tournament, Volkswagen will continue to engage new fans before each game with Facebook ads featuring real-time, head-to-head matchups. These ads call for fans to adopt a team at, where each of the 32 countries will make their pitch for support, leveraging everything from cultural insights, soccer prowess, and sheer bravado.

After considering their options, fans can pick a team and get access to shareable GIFs, SMS game updates, and the opportunity to post on Facebook in their new country’s native language. This goes beyond fair-weather fandom – so the experience is designed to make new supporters as if like they’re part of the team. After just a few clicks, Americans will have some serious skin in the game.

New fans tend to be the loudest, but that can be a little tricky when you’re supporting a country you may not know much about.

During the finals, a VW custom Snapchat Selfie Lens will help people feel more at home in their new fan base, allowing them to apply team-specific facepaint, and even teaching them to chant in their adoptive country’s language.

They might be new fans, but their team chants will have them looking like diehards.