Volkswagen Car-Net, the app that does all that

You’ve done this before, right? On a hot day, you leave your car’s windows down a bit to keep it cool. Suddenly, while you’re away, you hear the rumble of thunder and realize there may be too much of the outside trying to get in.

If you have subscribed to Volkswagen Car-Net® Security & Service1 and have a compatible device, there’s an app for that.

Available VW Car-Net Security & Service has been keeping VW owners connected to their cars and to needed emergency services for years. This week, VW released an update to the VW Car-Net app that can give owners a whole new set of available tools to help provide even greater connectivity.

The mobile app can help a driver locate a parked car2, remotely check the vehicle’s status, and lock or unlock doors3, among many other functions. The new upgrade can send personalized push alerts based on location and weather conditions – so if there’s rain near where you’re parked and the window is down, you could get back to close it before a drop hits.  You can also setup the VW Car-Net mobile app to send you a notification if you leave the car without locking the doors or closing the trunk.

“We all have enough things going and it’s easy to forget what is going on with your car,” says Shelly Desmet, Digital Marketing Manager, Connected Services. “The VW Car-Net mobile app helps make owning and maintaining a VW easier with helpful and proactive push notifications.”

Another new feature in the latest update of VW Car-Net mobile app allows owners to pull up a vehicle health report4. This report captures key data like your mileage, next scheduled maintenance, and can remind users of issues that might need an owner’s close attention. Need to schedule a dealer visit? Click right in the app to call your preferred dealer.

For those parents with children who are still getting used to the road, VW Car-Net Security & Service offers boundary and speed alerts5; users can get a push notification or email if their vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed limit or leaves a pre-approved boundary area. And for electric e-Golf owners, VW Car-Net Security & Service has even more offerings, such as remote climate control – so that you can heat or cool your e-Golf while it’s plugged in, helping to save battery energy for moving down the road.6

VW Car-Net is an available option on all models except Touareg, and new vehicles come with a six month no-charge trial. New vehicle owners can subscribe to their trial at the dealership at the time of purchase or press the i-Button in the overhead console and speak with a representative. To get information on subscription prices after trial, call (877) 820-2290 or go to